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  • Pc mitr Phil Processing Factory

    With our sugar processing capacity to satisfy our global customers base.

  • Full Export Capacity to Our Global Clients

    We proudly export our sugars to USA, Europe, South Korea, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Russia and Middle East Countries

About Pc mitr Phil

Pc mitr Phil is one of the global leaders in the sugar industry specialising in originating, commercializing and trading raw and white sugar. By combining decades of experience, comprehensive global market knowledge, trading expertise and a unique supply base together with integrated logistics, tpsugar is uniquely placed to deliver the best service to our customers globally.

Trade promise

Reliability: Our commitment to deliver on what we promise aligned with our customers’ high expectations.
Higher product quality: We provide a full range of sugar qualities with privileged access to very high quality sugar.
Global access: A global footprint, an international team, and on-the-ground presence.

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