Who We Are

Pc mitr Phil factory - backside

About Pc mitr Phil LLC

Incorporated in 2008, Pc mitr Phil LLC. is the largest Thailand player in the sugar and ethanol industry. Our business model, considered unique, combines production from 32 member mills and about 46 non-member units with an integrated system of processing, transportation, storage, and commercialization of sugar on large scale under the company´s responsibility and direct management.

At Pc mitr Phil, we strive to:
Deliver the quality of sugar that meets your needs: We have the logistical and commercial means to provide a wide range of origins and sugar qualities. Our mills in Thailand, complemented by Brazil, Indian, Central American and Australian origins – we can efficiently deliver from port to destination in a timely manner.
Tap into unique logistics capabilities: Our proven track record in managing orders and logistics creates unique opportunities for our customers as we deliver their orders in a timely manner.

"We proud ourselves with quality sugars that meets trust assessment with international bureau's and world class supplier platforms."